Wednesday , 16 April 2014

Ms.Dhoni’s Official Website Hacked By Bangladeshi Hackers

Ms.Dhoni, the captain of Indian Cricket Team official website got hacked by United Bangladeshi Hackers. They hacked the site and post an message on the site,

Hacked By Black Tiger From United Bangladeshi Hackers.Stop Abusing Our Test Cricket.Don’t Try To Play With Fire.
We Are Bangladeshi Hackers
Mind It!!!!!!!!!!!!!
“”"”"”Black Tiger”"”"”"”

Hacked Site :- Dhoniworld.Com



*Update: Nope, It is not hacked

According to EHN post it is not hack and ”unrestricted file upload” nor any other vulnerability.  The form itself allows to upload only image/text files.  It is not harmful for the website in anyway.


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About Thiru Kumaran

Thiru Kumaran is one of the admin of Techgator and the founder of TheHackersPoint, & belongs from Jaffna, Srilanka. He is a 19 year old part time blogger and student. He loves to learn on blogging, seo and pentesting.

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